Goat Fun Facts

Goats are amazing

Race horses are often given a 'goat friend' so they will not be lonely in the stall.

The phrase 'getting someone's goat' comes from the (unsportsman-like) practice of stealing the competition's goat to unsettle the horse before the race.

Goats were the first animal to be domesticated, according to many historians.

Goats come in thousands of color combinations from jet-black to blue.

Baby goats love to run up and down their mother's back while she is lying down.

Goats are very curious - if you do something they see as strange, they will stare at you until they figure out why you're doing it. 

Horns of goats grow in lots of different directions and patterns.Not all goats have horns. They need their horns to regulate their body temperature. Also their horns are to protect themselves from predators.

If a goat is raised by humans, they often have great loyalty and fondness for their owner.

The tallest goat ever recorded stood almost 6 feet tall.

Goats in Ethiopia first discovered coffee beans.

Goats are one the cleanest  animals.

Goats are more selective feeders than cows, sheep, pigs, swine and even dogs.

Having 15,000 taste buds, goats have 5000-6,000 more than humans!

Google rents goats to cut down on brush at Google HQ.

Goats are fun to be around and enjoy when your feeling down!

Animals are a blessing!